Energy Sector Expertise

We combine +20 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas industry with cutting-edge technologies to accelerate digital transformation of the complex, high risk, high-cost operational business processes. Our Leadership team brings a wealth of operational and executive experience in the Offshore Drilling Sector, bridging the gap with our customers to quickly understand their specific challenges and pain points.

Cloud Computing Specialists

We specialize in the development of Bespoke, Smart and Cloud-Base solutions that enables transparency, consistency, visibility and speed of deep insights, to support teams executing complex operational activities with greater efficiencies. Our team approaches customer challenges holistically, helping us innovate faster than any other business of our size.

Microsoft Partner

We support organisation in the energy sector to save time, cut costs, increase efficiencies and improve safety through the use of Microsoft Technology stack. Our Solutions leverage the power of Microsoft 365 and Azure Environment to reinvent and transform business processes into automated, single view platforms that can adjust and scale along organisation’s growth.

Our Trusted Partners

Our Platforms have demonstrated continued real-world application & results. Notable benefits Include:

IMPROVED transparency & simplicity

CUT manhours (up to 14,000 per year)

REMOVED complexity

BETTER use of vast amount of data

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