Real-Time Insights into HSE Risks & Hazards

FENNEX BBSSTM (Behavioural-Based Safety Solution) is a game-changing, AI-powered digital solution designed to automate & optimize the Safety Observations Program.


The Fennex BBSSTM  is the first in industry digital solution to be fully deployed & adopted across a Global Offshore Fleet

(+20 Offshore Assets)

In Just 12 weeks


Through successful collaboration with the leading international offshore drilling contractor Noble Corporation, we developed an intuitive digital platform, leveraging advanced cloud-computing applications to digitise & automate the end-to-end Offshore Safety Observation process, delivering unprecedented benefits in efficiency, efficacy and sustainability.

The Fennex BBSSTM  digital platform transforms the time-lagged, paper-based manual entry workflows of the safety observation process into an efficient, turnkey, automated suite with real-time analytics, and live transparent dashboards, detailing critical safety indicators at global scale, leading to quicker decision-making to mitigate risks and prevent hazards.

The breakthrough Fennex BBSSTM  uniquely combines physical & digital forms of safety observations inputs into a live-streaming cloud-data platform, via:

  •       – Mobile Apps using Smart Phones/Tablets
  •       – Web-based Access from PC
  •       – Paper-based Cards , convertible to Digital Form

providing the foundation for an all-inclusive solution.


By scanning a QR code unique to the location or offshore installation,

all employees, including customers and third-party, can log a safety observation through a secure access

  in 10 seconds

As such, at-risk or unsafe conditions are reported from anywhere, at anytime



30% Boost Engagement.   70% Cost Reduction.   15,000 Manhours & 500,000 Cards Saved

Greater Engagement

Uniquely designed as an all-inclusive digital solution. Caters for a diverse digital workforce regardless of digital readiness across global operations; digests safety inputs from 30+ languages, creating a powerful safety reporting tool of risks & hazards, building trust and reduce culture barriers, maximising global collaboration & boosting engagement.

Faster Decision Making

Captures, tracks and reports vast amount of safety observation data, enabling faster analyses of critical safety trends before they become lagging indicators. Cloud architecture enables advanced collaboration, with real-time access to tailored dashboard and data KPI’s visualisation, leading to quicker decision making to ensure people’s safety.

Enhanced Efficiency

Transforms an inefficient, time-lagged, paper-based manual entry workflow into a streamlined, automated live platform, removing complexity, saving time, and maximising visibility. Delivers sustainable efficiencies: eliminated 500,000 paper cards and saved 15,000 man-hours each year, resulting in program costs cut by 70%.

Key Benefits & Features

By scanning a QR code unique to the location or offshore installation, all employees, including customers and third-party, can submit a safety observation through a secure access using a mobile tool in seconds, using inbuilt smart mobile Apps designed with offline capabilities to ensure business continuity irrespective of poor internet connections.

As such, at-risk or unsafe conditions can be reported
anywhere at any time, significantly improving workers’ engagement.

To allow for varying levels of digital readiness across a diverse global workforce, the solution uniquely combines physical and digital forms of safety observations inputs into an automated live streaming cloud-data platform; providing the foundations of an all-inclusive solution.

Special paper-cards are designed for automated digital conversion at scanning point, using unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

To unlock further collaboration capabilities, the solution is designed with advanced AI and Machine Translation applications to digest safety inputs in the user’s first-language before translating information into English from 30+ languages:

creating a powerful safety reporting tool across international teams, helping to reduce cultural barriers and maximising engagement.

Through the use of  ML and AI technologies, safety observations from digital and physical entry points are streamed into a Microsoft Azure cloud environment, upon which live PowerBI dashboards and automated and customized reports are published in real-time.

Enhancing clarity and visibility into safety insights, shifting critical indicators from lagging trends into proactive metrics.

In just few weeks, Fennex BBSS™ platform building blocs can be fully tailored and aligned with any organisation’s internal HSE systems and corporate branding, to ensure easy adoption and seamless integration and collaboration across existing business processes and internal data systems.

Users reported that the digital solutions made the safety observations easy, boosting workers’ engagement by increasing employees and third-party participation in safety reporting by 30%, and as a result elevating employees’ observation and awareness levels in risks identification and workplace safety practices.

FENNEX BBSS™  is a powerful tool for the workforce to support building a robust safety culture from the ground up.

Delivered Results

30% increase in safety reporting participation

Quicker decision making when it comes to safety

70% reduction in overall programme costs

500,000 paper cards eliminated per year

15,000 man-hours saved per year

Having such an innovative tool that works for our offshore teams, customers and contractors is

a significant asset and an advantage for any high hazard industry.


HSE Director,

Noble Corporation.

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