Award-winning, cloud hosted BBSS™ applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies to revolutionise health and safety management within the energy sector.

Fennex’s Behaviour Based Safety Solution (BBSS™) solution enables live data processing and streaming with real-time monitoring of critical safety trends and indicators. The insights gained from these metrics provide clear, actionable tasks in a single view platform, leading to quicker decision making to mitigate risks and prevent hazards.

Launched through a successful collaboration with Noble Corporation, the solution has delivered measurable impact in significantly reducing injury and improving health and safety management across global teams.

BBSS™, an ISO 24000 software, is the first AI and machine learning powered technology in the offshore oil and gas industry that combines physical and digital observation data entries. Its automated system replaces traditional processes with an efficient solution that provides real-time analytics and live transparent dashboards of critical safety indicators to aid decision making and improve operational performance.
A seamless, scalable deployment and full adoption across global operations is achievable simultaneously with the cloud software, regardless of digital readiness or the geographic location of operations.

Accessible via smartphone, tablet, or computer, the BBSS™ solution empowers users to input safety observations in seconds using smart input formats, with the translation feature capable of converting observations from 30+ languages to English.

By eliminating the need for large quantities of paper cards, use of the BBSS™ digital solution also allows for a more sustainable hazard reporting process as well as significantly improving efficiency.


A highly-manual, people-led process has been the traditional method of hazard and accident reporting within the energy industry.

This traditional method relies upon data collection via physical paper cards before observations are manually inputted into spreadsheets, from which health and safety reports may be written. Key workers are anchored at desks to do burdensome paperwork or spreadsheet inputs in an inefficient system of data analysis, turning any critical data trends and insights into lagging indicators.

The need for change and efficient automation is evident and has now been made possible with Fennex’s cloud-based BBSS™ solution. BBSS™ surpasses the efficiencies of traditional hazard and accident reporting methods while crucially enabling improved inclusivity and accessibility across diverse global workforces.


BBSS™ is an award-winning ISO 24000 software proven to automate complex businesses and workflows with outstanding results.

Through successful collaboration with leading international offshore drilling company Noble Corporation, Fennex developed a cloud-based, intuitive digital solution: Behavioural-Based Safety Solution (BBSS™).

The solution was able to fully automate safety observation processes across Noble’s global rig fleet, delivering benefits in efficiency, efficacy and sustainability.

Today, BBSS™ is a proven solution with wide application potential in safety and hazard prevention.


Read the case study: BBSS™ transforms a critical HSE program for a leading offshore drilling contractor.


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