BBSS™ applies advanced AI and ML technologies to revolutionise health and safety management within the energy sector.


Traditional methods of hazard and accident reporting within the oil and gas industry rely upon data collection via physical paper cards. These observations are then manually inputted into spreadsheets, from which health and safety reports may be written. Key workers are anchored at desks to do burdensome paper work or spreadsheet inputs in an inefficient system of data analysis, turning any critical data trends and insights into lagging indicators.

The need for change is evident, however to successfully transform this people-led safety program, any solution would not only need to surpass the efficiencies of traditional reporting methods, but also be inclusive and accessible to a diverse global workforce across geographic and linguistic divides.


Through successful collaboration with leading international offshore drilling company Noble Corporation, Fennex developed a cloud-based, intuitive digital solution: Behavioral-Based Safety Solution (BBSS™) to fully automate safety observation processes across Noble’s global rig fleet, delivering benefits in efficiency, efficacy and sustainability.

This is the first technology in the offshore industry, that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, to combine physical and digital observation data entries, allowing a seamless scale-up deployment and full adoption across global operations simultaneously, regardless of digital readiness or the geographic location of operation. Accessible via smartphone, tablet or computer, the BBSS™ solution empowers users to input observations in seconds, as the translation feature converts observations from 30+ languages to English.

The BBSS™ solution allows for live data processing and streaming, with real-time monitoring of critical safety trends and indicators. The insights gained from these metrics provide clear, actionable tasks, leading to quicker decision makin to mitigate risks and prevent hazards. 

Download a copy of the case study here.



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