Enhancing the visibility of safety risks across wind projects

WindSafe™: A unified collaborative safety reporting platform for Wind Projects.

WindSafe™ marks the next evolution in safety reporting, developed by leveraging the latest cloud computing expertise and experience in digitizing HSE and compliance processes for the oil and gas industry. The WindSafe™ project introduces a revolutionary collaborative and user-friendly digital platform, empowering wind developers and contractors to swiftly access real-time safety risk information for immediate and precise mitigation, while enhancing risk visibility across projects, driving comprehensive safety management through informed, data-driven decisions.

One platform for collaborative reporting

Open access for all contractors ensures reporting across the supply chain, with multilingual and voice-to-text options for effortless communication of risks.

Real-time safety data

PowerBI dashboards that reflect data instantly providing real-time reports and immediate feedback.

Rapid risk mitigation

Automated tracking of corrective actions and predictive insights ensures improved visibility and prompt mitigation of identified hazards, effectively preventing incidents.

Safety in the Wind Industry

As the large-scale wind sector emerges as a fundamental industry in the future energy sector, its rapid expansion, expected to triple its workforce and quadruple its size, underscores the critical importance of stringent safety management systems. This expansion also highlights the need for increased collaboration and standardisation in working together safely with an integrated approach.

To tackle this crucial challenge, the WindSafe'” project was initiated with the support of ORE Catapult and the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP). This initiative aims to revolutionize the wind industry by fast-tracking the adoption of digital technologies that enhance safety performance across the supply chain, ultimately creating a safer and more competitive wind industry.

Built on Proven Technology

WindSafe™ is built on Fennex’s award-winning BBSS™ technology, which has a proven track record in the Oil and Gas industry for improving safety performance by reducing recordable incidents by 43% and boosting safety engagement by 30%. WindSafe™ leverages BBSS™ as a foundation, combining our extensive expertise and cross-learnings from the Oil & Gas industry with the latest innovations and technology. This approach has allowed us to create a solution tailored to the unique needs of the wind industry, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in safety.

Learn how BBSS™ has boosted safety reporting by 30% and decreased recordable incidents by 43% in offshore oil and gas projects.

Learn how BBSS™ has boosted safety reporting by 30% and decreased recordable incidents by 43% in offshore oil and gas projects.

Developed with the Wind Industry, for the Wind Industry

WindSafe™ was developed through extensive consultation with industry stakeholders across the entire supply chain.

By engaging directly with these experts, we were able to identify and understand the critical challenges and areas of concern related to safety and collaboration within the wind industry. This thorough and collaborative approach ensured that WindSafe™ addresses the most pressing needs, providing a tailored solution that enhances safety performance and fosters effective collaboration. Our commitment to incorporating industry insights has resulted in a platform designed specifically to meet the demands of a safer and more efficient wind industry.


Leveraging these valuable insights, we crafted a solution specifically designed to address the identified issues. Combined with our extensive experience in delivering world-class solutions to the energy sector, this has enabled us to make WindSafe™ perfectly tailored to meet the unique needs of the wind industry. Our platform not only improves safety performance but also fosters effective collaboration, ensuring a safer and more efficient wind industry.