Realizing the Value of Digital Technologies Through Bespoke Innovations

Fennex transforms businesses to meet future challenges through a blend of industry best practices and digital technologies. We understand the importance of effective data experience, through digital technologies, for process excellence, productivity enhancement, and sustainable growth. Our experts approach customer challenges holistically,  offering a wealth of experience in designing business cases for large or small organizations, planning implementations’ roadmaps, and executing enterprise level solutions.


Our bespoke solutions are designed keeping your culture, challenges, and people in mind, making them ready-to-adopt across the process, teams, and stakeholders.


  1. 1.  Strategic Consulting
  2. To maximize the value of your company’s data, we can help guide, develop and watertight your ideas with our technical expertise, offering a comprehensive and a cohesive digitisation strategy that addresses your organization’s needs across multiple dimensions. We advice on the most-optimum technologies and architectures that deliver the best outcome at a fraction of the time and cost versus traditional offerings.


  1. 2.  Cloud Software Development
  2. We have industry leading experts certified in Azure and Microsoft cloud environment with a demonstrable track record of delivering complex software products and cutting-edge breakthroughs.  Our expertise spans the entire cloud ecosystem including data ingestion, integration, automation and streaming data application development, helping us to innovate smarter through bespoke solutions that leverage high value.


  1. 3.  Advanced Analytics
  2. Fennex cloud digital solutions integrate critical insights through advanced business analytics capabilities, putting operational visibility at the heart of the  business, providing real time data at the fingertips that aide decision-making to improve business performance. Our expertise include machine learning, artificial intelligence and time series analytics to automatically explore correlations and critical trends for companies to make smarter, faster and safer decisions.



One-Stop Solution Partner


Our deep-rooted oil & gas industry domain knowledge combined with strong technical capabilities make us an ideal business partner for your digitisation projects. Our passionate curious experts have successfully:

Designed, Developed and Deployed world-class Bespoke digital solutions across +65 Offshore Assets worldwide, delivering long-lasting digital transformation and empowering teams to achieve sustainable efficiencies.


Key Benefits & Features

Popular Use and Application by Customers:

 –  Company Management Policy Assurance
 –  International Marine Regulatory Assurance.
 –  Rig Start Up Assurance Management
–  Audits, Verifications and Inspections Management 
–  Training & Competency Assessment
–  Emergency Response Management 
– Well Control Audits & Verifications
–  HPHT & MPD Well Construction Verifications
–  CRM, Sales & Marketing
–  Capital Project Management
–  New-Built Project Management

–  Strategy Execution
–  Personnel, Logistics and Qualification Management




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