Fennex is an innovative technology company. A trailblazer with a determination to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy sector, the company was founded in 2016 by oil and gas professionals with more than 25 years’ global industry experience.

Our dynamic team combine state-of-the-art cloud-computing technologies with deep-industry domain knowledge to help companies unlock the full potential of data through innovative solutions and rapid deployment experience.

We take pride in our ability to develop world-class, smart, and cost-effective digital solutions that turn the energy industry’s most challenging business processes and complex workflows into automated, data-driven live digital platforms to drive cultural changes, enhance safety and business performance.

The Fennex suite of cloud-based platforms are designed, based on 5 key principles:

Visible impact to the bottom line
New technology adoption
Ease of use

Expert-led digital transformation

Our team has extensive experience of delivering complex engineering project for the energy sector. This enables us to quickly understand our clients’ complex operational challenges and have the capability to rapidly develop effective digital solutions.

Fennex is recognised for its ground-breaking digital solutions such as our award-winning Behaviour Based Safety Solution (BBSS™) which applies advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to revolutionise health and safety management within the energy sector.

Our mission is to harness the latest digital technologies, tailoring them into agile, cost-effective solutions that deliver significant business value for our customers.

Founder & Managing Director

Adrian Brown brings with him a vast wealth of knowledge
and expertise built over +22 years of global experience
within Schlumberger and Transocean in countries across
Europe, West Africa and North America, holding various
leadership positions including Global Director of Projects
(ERP and business intelligence implementation projects),
Regional Managing Director (North-West Africa Sector)
and Regional Technical Manager (Africa & Mediterranean).

Having led international teams in engineering and
operations for deepwater offshore drilling, Adrian brings
a strong culture of building capabilities in the most
advanced digital technologies, helping Fennex to build a
strong partnerships with key international players in the
offshore industry, and successfully delivering pioneering
and disruptive innovations at global market level.

Part of our culture is working closely with customers to
understand their unique challenges and supporting them
to unlock sustainable efficiencies. We aspire to continue
forging collaborations and are committed to staying
at the forefront of innovations to support the industry
in its pursuit of low-carbon, efficient and safe energy
production.” Adrian Brown