Enhance Transparency of People Training & Competency Management


Streamline the management of workforce training records, competency requirements, resources planning, and crew logistics using a smart collaborative cloud solution that provides control and flexibility from anywhere and at anytime.


Despite the advancement of software applications widely used by many oil & gas organisations, most of the workforce training and competency records and qualifications are still being laboriously managed and monitored using a multitude of spreadsheets, network shares and document stores. These cumbersome methods and systems  allow very limited visibility, and quite inflexible is a highly dynamic business environment, warranting considerable time and resources, one that could easily be spent on more critical and highly impactful tasks.


One Simple, Single Platform, Tailored to Your Needs

Our out-of-the-box cloud platform are agile, highly customisable, and combine all of the dynamics required, including people crewing, offshore/onshore operations planning, certifications and competency management, contacts information and logistics into one collaborative live solution.

Users access are regulated as required, to limit visibility of confidential data whilst allowing critical information for operational needs. The enhanced level of visibility enable teams help organise projects accordingly, monitor and maintain qualifications and competencies inline with compliance and regulatory  requirements, and plan workforce assignment, training and certifications  with a click of a button.


Managing People Competency on Spreadsheets is a Thing of the Past

Now more than ever, the oil & gas industry needs to develop better ways to manage its resources. And with the advancement of cloud computing technologies, Fennex experts can tailor and deploy industry leading intelligent solutions that can digitise and automate your internal Training & Competency management system within weeks, with capabilities to fully integrate your digital ecosystem and other business processes.



We can help you Track, Monitor and Manage your workforce Qualifications & Competencies more efficiently, giving back time to your team

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