The Future of Renewables is Digital



As the energy sector is now in a profound transition towards a very important energy transformation, digitalisation is increasingly becoming  the key facilitators to ensure that it is fulfilled.


And for all leaders entering the renewable sector, or expanding their renewable business, there is no better timing to prioritise the discussion about how “Digital Innovations” can play a role in driving costs down, and make operational excellence at scale an imperative requirement.

Digital technology plays a vital role by providing software and data tools analysis tools to unlock operational efficiencies while transforming the carbon footprint of these industrial processes.

–  Digital tools and data-driven solutions can monitor, optimise and automate operations to vastly improve efficiencies.

–  They can enable more accurate greenhouse gas emissions tracking and transparent reporting across supply chains.

  • –  Digital platforms reduce downtime by offering alerts based on predictive maintenance, anticipating asset maintenance.

– They allow a more accurate forecast of the weather and market conditions, which helps to maximise renewable production, by offering a deep analysis of all information received in real time, to be able to make decisions and offer stability in demand.

  • The pace of change in large-scale renewables requires continuous innovation, and need to grasp and we at Fennex are determined to get onboard and respond to those changes !
  • And so, we are very proud to join AREG, to help Scotland transition to greener sources of energy. We look forward to taking part in the upcoming conversations, and discuss how expertise can help achieve sustainable goals in the renewable industry.

Visit Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group  to learn more about how Scotland is working toward becoming world-leading centre of excellence for the production and use of renewable energy.


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