Project Management

Excellence in Execution

From Initiation through to Closeout, the goal of a project manager is to ensure the absence of problems and prevent any failures from occurring. Transparency, regular communication and collaboration within the team are the backbone of project success. Knowing this, based on key elements from ISO 21500, FenneX’s project management platform is designed to guide your teams through all project phases to ensure the best possible results.



Dynamic reports ensure that project team members are never kept in the dark about anything during the active period of the project. Our cloud-based platforms can be used out of the box and can be modified to suit your needs in a matter of weeks, thus allowing external and internal parties to collaborate on a shared platform towards a common goal.


  • Improved working efficiency
  • Email reductions (giving time back to you and your team)
  • Planning omissions are eliminated

  • Accurate project plans developed
  • Policy, Procedure and Process compliance
  • Acceptance and Punch-list management

  • Audit and Risk management
  • Reduced Project Risk
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