World Class Marketing Made Simple

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is usually referred to as a system/tool which digitises processes and automates tasks. CRM is, however, more than that. It is a combination of people, processes and technology working together in order to better understand customers and build a lasting relationship between them and a company.

There are 4 primary areas in a CRM software solution. Strategic, Operational, Analytical, Collaborative.

  • Strategic – focuses on adapting the business to best fit in with the customer.
  • Operational – This type of solution presents the company with a dashboard where they are presented with a summary of all relevant and key information. I.e. Sales, Marketing, Service automation for each client the company may have.
  • Analytical – focused on analysing data collected from customers, improving the ability to support customers.
  • Collaborative – including third party providers in the solution in order to obtain their knowledge in terms of future marketing.

Fennex’s CRM / Marketing solution applies the latest technology to the management of a company’s marketing and sales activities covering all of the primary areas. The overall focus of our application is to provide you with better marketing intelligence to make better and easier decisions.


  • Global Market data loads directly to your solutions
  • Auto-generation of your opportunities (to accept or reject) – no manually enter data
  • Live Dynamic Reports and Dashboards
  • Transparency across ALL known opportunities, fixtures, contracts worldwide
  • Transparency across your active opportunities, prequels, bids, contracts worldwide
  • Access work from anywhere
  • Shared workspace with team members
  • Easy to use forms – custom built to suit your needs

  • Ability to react swiftly, and make informed decisions
  • Assess opportunities with ease include operator and competitor data
  • Review Operators data (Past, present and future rig activities)
  • Review Competition data (Past, Present, Future workload)
  • Weekly dashboard & reports – drive effective weekly department meetings
  • Board Level Reports – set and continuously LIVE
  • Time back on your plate
  • Reduced emails

  • No more excel hell
  • No more manual creation of ANY reports
  • Lead qualification
  • Needs identification
  • Development of specifications
  • Proposal generation
  • Proposal presentation
  • Handling objections
  • Closing the sale

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