Rig Start Up Solution – Contract Awarded


Fennex Begins work with Noble Corporation


Fennex received a contract to deploy a custom solution to help with the delivery and acceptance of a new Hi-Spec Jackup scheduled to start work on the UK continental shelf in Q4 2016.

The solution was successfully deployed in July 2016 – with users spread-out out across three continents and several operational and project offices.

The solution enabled management to see the status of all rig related acceptance and rig start up activities on one live / dynamic dashboard. 

The ability to drill down to the details in just a few clicks enables a rapid response to issues as they occur or to take the right pre-emptive actions to ensure right results.

Other benefits include:

  • Improved working efficiency / email reductions
  • Policy / Process compliance for the new rig start-up
  • Improved and transparent Acceptance and Punch-list management
  • Improved and transparent Audit and Risk management
  • Transparent start-up training / competency tracking


Quote from the Regional Manager after the solution was first launched:

“System looks great. Lets ensure the system is utilized to address the high-risk action items. We can all access and view progress real-time. Good luck”


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