RGU Graduates making an impact at Fennex


Fennex employees along with dean of RGU School of Computing John Isaacs pose at the bottom of stairs.

RGU graduates continue to play a large role in shaping the future and innovating with Fennex.

People drive innovation. New ideas and fresh approaches are vital to maintaining a competitive and innovative outlook for any organisation. At Fennex, we take pride in our innovative approach and our wonderful colleagues are the embodiment of this mindset. Our collaborative culture fosters an environment where every voice is valued, empowering our team to push boundaries and pioneer groundbreaking innovations that shape the future of our industry.

Embedding innovation into an organisation

Fennex has recruited a number of graduates to join us and has empowered them to maximise their creativity and encouraged them to pursue innovative ideas that they have. By making them feel secure in their environment and entrusting them to explore novel ideas, we have allowed ourselves to stay agile and innovate to solve long-standing issues for our clients. Their fresh perspectives and bold ideas have injected new energy into our projects, driving us to continuously explore new horizons and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

With their contributions, Fennex is not just adapting to change but leading the charge towards a future defined by innovation and excellence. This collaborative approach not only enhances our ability to address current challenges and stay competitive, but also allows our co-workers the opportunity for great personal growth and satisfaction.

Fennex’s relationship with Robert Gordon University

As an organisation based in Aberdeen, it is important to us to nurture and develop local talent. With Robert Gordon University we are fortunate to have built a relationship that allows us to engage with, and discover the plethora of talent right in our backyard. RGU’s commitment to providing valuable and relevant education and growing its impactful research in areas such as smart data and AI, has seen it continue to produce high-quality, enterprising graduates.

“An entrepreneurial spirit is core to our teaching, seeing so many of our graduates thrive in industry really is fantastic and it is great that their talent is being given a chance to shine with Fennex.” -John Isaacs, Dean of the School of Comupting, Robert Gordon University

Fennex has been working with RGU for some time now, through a range of avenues from recruitment, to offering student placements at Fennex, to sponsoring the recently completed RGU Hack, and we are proud to continue this relationship and hope to continue to recruit great talent from RGU into our fold. Aberdeen Business News’ recent article spotlights our collaboration and how we are continuing to innovate together. To read more about how RGU students have thrived at Fennex please click here.


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