Enhance your team’s collaboration, communication and transparency with a cloudbased platform specifically tailored to your company’s individual management style

From initiation through to closeout, the goal of a project manager is to ensure the absence of problems and prevent any failures from occurring. Transparency, regular communication and collaboration within the team are the backbone of project success. Knowing this, based on key elements from ISO 21500, our project management platform is designed to guide your teams through all project phases to ensure the best possible results. Live, dynamic reports ensure that project team members are never kept in the dark about anything during the active period of the project. It provides a single collaborative platform that connects strategic planning with project delivery across your global projects portfolio.
Our project management platform can be used out of the box, rapidly deployed and tailored to suit your needs in only a few weeks, allowing external and internal parties to collaborate on a shared interactive live platform towards a common goal.


Live dashboards and one click-reports to track risks across your organisation.
Improve visibility and tracking of performance through rapidly deployable out-of-the-box reports and dashboards.
Data-driven insights using PowerBI analytics provide real-time reporting capabilities, to identify areas needing the most attention.
Construct reports with the information you need and configure reports and dashboards to suit specific organizational needs.
Easily map dashboards to your business, to better track, control, and optimize critical processes.
Track portfolio and project performance with real-time cost tracking and variance analysis.

Simplified and streamlined workflow eliminates paper-based and spreadsheet methods.
Accurate data at a click, no longer relying on collecting and updating multiple spreadsheets.
Gain predictive and preventative insights with real-time reporting.
Increase organisation-wide visibility of performance by creating and sharing organization-specific KPIs to drive decision making.
Minimize delays and risks by recognizing red flags early with in-depth visual dashboards that provide insights at the portfolio, project, or organizational level.

Connected project team enhances collaboration.
Online data and insights available for improved collaboration within the team.
Tailored access, allowing only the right audience to complete their assigned tasks.
Seamlessly share a review, and contribute to models without specialized software.
Utilize a single platform to raise, communicate, and manage the coordination process with a dashboard to control and monitor progress.
Avoid the limitations of manual exchanges with a standardized digital process that provides project-wide access and visibility.
Easily track process communications, keep up to date on progress, avoid bottlenecks, and reduce RFI turnaround times

Engineered for secure access to all stakeholders allowing quick and efficient communication.
Deliver the right actions and task verification to the right individual, at the right time.

Leverage real-time data to keep teams 100% accountable and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.
Assigning tasks on an individual basis to increase ownership and ensure accountability.
Open tasks and reminders are customised and automated for users.
Empower front-line workers, build trust and improves accountability.

Automates evidence collection to reduce “all hands on deck” manual effort to build a trail of all operations and evidence referencing.
Fully customizable framework and controls tailored to your unique business requirements. Relevant evidence from your project tasks and activities are organised, such as resource configuration snapshots, user activity, and compliance check results.

Deliver the right actions and task verification to the right individual, at the right time.
Gain predictive and preventative insights with real-time reporting.
Single source of truth improves data management, and reduces errors.

Control Stage Gates

Automating workflows creates a unique opportunity to implement process and controls that enables users to approve project documents. Our project management platform ensures everyone is reviewing, revising and approving only the most current draft of a document – making version control issues a thing of the past.

Manage Risks & Issues

With automated processes, risks and issues can be reviewed before they’re added to the risk register, and stakeholders can be automatically notified about risks and issues. Users can also configure workflows to regularly determine whether risks and issues are being updated and alert owners and stakeholders accordingly.

Project enhancement

Enhanced Transparency

Create personalised dashboards and transitions that are perfectly tailored to your specific management style. Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into your current business operations, increasing productivity and reducing risk. Access to realtime dashboards and comprehensive analytics help drive better management decisions.


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