Tailored, cloud-based digital solutions that enable consistency and transparency to enhance technical integrity, safety and regulatory compliance.

We understand the complexity of your unique business process and workflows – no two organisations have the same sets
of data, business processes and workflows.
Our PAM™ solution is an innovative, scalable cloud solution that leverages advanced AI, ML and RPA applications to fully
automate and integrate the end-to-end internal assurance, audit and inspection processes and workflows into one
collaborative live platform.
The digital solution can be tailored to your unique business requirements and deployed within weeks, fully aligned with your
own policy assurance and quality management system, and integrating your own digital ecosystem. With live, transparent
dashboards using PowerBI advanced analytics, PAM™ enables teams to execute complex and critical regulatory
verifications programmes with far greater efficiency.
Scalable and easy to use, PAM™ puts operational visibility at the heart of your business, providing real time data at your
fingertips allowing efficient and informed decision making to improve business performance.

Our PAM™ platform is currently adopted across +55 offshore assets worldwide, proven to enable teams to prioritise activities and optimise their policy assurance and asset integrity management.


Conduct audits, inspections and verifications anytime and from anywhere using a mobile
Apps, with offline capabilities, ensuring business continuity. Sync all data with one click, when internet connection is available.

Using the power of Microsoft cloud technologies, we architect our solutions for secure access to stakeholders with faster, more efficient communication.
data driven insights using PowerBI advanced analytics real time reporting capabilities, to identify areas needing most attention.
Work better, make smarter decision to ensure improvement are made in the right place.

Guided and automated workflows makes it easy to monitor, measure and review all audits, inspections and verifications in compliance with company, regulatory and industry requirements.
Through process automation, shrink time an shorten distance and reduce errors and duplications to enhance process execution with greater ease.

Increased level of transparency & visibility of all audits/verifications and inspections status/report across the organisation.
Continuously collect evidence, monitor compliance posture, with global access to information to proactively reduce risks, and stay ahead of the curve.

Puts operational visibility at the heart of the business, providing real time data at your fingertips allowing efficient and informed decision making to improve business performance.
Improves accountability, and provides assurance to users and leadership team.

Automated tasks and activities with action items and reports generation alerts, eliminate emails exchanges and communication redundancies.

Increased audits and verifications integrity with a built-in trail of all operations and evidence referencing.

Enable teams to prioritise activities and optimise their policy assurance & assets integrity programs.
Decrease errors, increase productivity by 40%, improving compliance while improving safety and reducing operating costs.


Policy verification

Assurance Verification

Online engagement collaborative platform that integrates process, tasks and scheduled activities, to drive all required assurance verifications and inspections. Guided and automated workflows with access to most current revision regulatory policies, to manage significant aspects of compliance activities and requirements across the entire organisation.

Policy audits with Fennex software

Transparent Audits

Transform audits execution into a seamless process using automated end-to-end workflows on one online platform. Centralised planning with quick customisation for the ever evolving regulatory environment, real-time monitoring of key milestones and increased response ability, allowing greater transparency to capture, flag and share audits finding as they arise.

Performance analytics capabilities through policy assurance and asset integrity

Performance Analytics

Gain insights into company-wide performance related to inspections and verifications using advanced live data analytics tools and reports. Monitor, track and review all audits, inspections and assessments to achieve and maintain certifications using transparency and robust collaborative workflows. Data trail for historical evidence of compliance


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