Ops Assurance (Rig Reactivation Tool) goes Digital for Transocean


New technology adoption is set to massively streamline the verification and assurance process needed to successfully reactivate a stacked drilling unit.  


Our bespoke solution is built to improve ease of work, compliance and tracking of the hundreds of tasks required to ensure the right results are achieved.

Compliance, accountability, simplification and transparency were at the heart of this solution, which was deployed for use with iOS software and  PCs.

Our cloud-based solution was deployed using O365, SharePoint, Azure, PowerBi and iOS Apps for iPhones and iPads.

The iOS Apps program is built with online / offline capabilities to allow the rig crew to take their work to the decks and allow shore-side manage to work with ease, using their preferred tool of choice (predominantly the iPhone), even when 30,000 ft. feet up in the air.


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