Fennex Sponsors RGU Hack 2024


Fennex was privileged to once again sponsor the RGU Hack held on the 24th and 25th Of February 2024.


The RGU Hack is an annual hackathon held by the Robert Gordon University’s School of Computing since 2015. This year’s event was a wonderful experience with over 150 students working to create a range of solutions to real-world challenges that had been posed to them. It was extremely rewarding to see the next generation of programmers work, innovate and continue to develop their skills.

Fennex at the RGU Hack

The Fennex Stall at the RGU Hack 2024


Fennex’s presence at the RGU Hack was kicked off by our technical lead, and RGU alumnus, Bo, who delivered an illuminating presentation on his journey from being a computer science student, like many of the hackathon participants, through his working life at Fennex. It was a chance to connect with students on what working life was actually like and what their growth and professional journey could be.

It was a pleasure to get the opportunity to introduce Fennex at this year’s hack and engage with students about their bright future in the industry” – Bozhidar Yankov, Technical Lead, Fennex.

We then had the opportunity to interact with the students on a more one-to-one basis throughout the event as they visited us at our booth. We were able to share our work and vision for Fennex with them and engage with them about their future and their aspirations for their careers going forward. It was wonderful to see their optimism and drive, which was further highlighted as they worked (through the night!) on their solutions.

Why events like the RGU Hack Matter

Events like the RGU Hack are so important because they allow companies like us to interact with the brightest minds of tomorrow. It is always wonderful to see students showcase their skills, and ability to work under pressure, while expressing their creativity in their approach to solving the challenges presented to them. It is also beneficial to the students involved as it allows them to get an idea of the kinds of challenges that they may be expected to face once they enter the workforce, and gives them a unique platform to translate and transition their skills from the theoretical to the practical.


The students at the RGU Hack 2024 at the Sir Ian Wood Building at Robert Gordon University


Most excitingly for us at Fennex it allows us to see how students are looking to innovate in the future and what directions and technologies most excite them. As an organization that prides itself as an innovator, it is fascinating and enlightening to see where the programmers of tomorrow see the future, and to see how we can welcome these bright minds and marry their visions with our goals of delivering the best in innovation for our customers.

“It has been a real pleasure to see the level of creativity and talent present among the students here, it bodes well for the future of tech innovation in Aberdeen” – Adrian Brown, Managing Director, Fennex.

As we continue our endless pursuit of innovation and excellence we hope that many of those who were there will be able to join us on our journey forward. Fennex will be looking to add to our growing stable of driven and inquisitive explorers from March of 2024!


The Fennex team who represented us at the RGY Hack 2024


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