Fennex Partners with UCL and Strathclyde Universities


Fennex partners with University of strathclyde and ucl

Fennex expands its collaboration with academia and secures a partnership with top UK universities to drive innovation & boost growth

To bolster our commitment to innovation in digital tech, Fennex expands its strategic academia collaboration, partnering with UCL School of Management and Strathclyde Business School, offering invaluable experience in research and development for real-world businesses.

Following our successful long-standing partnership with Robert Gordon University (RGU) School of Computing, wherein Fennex supported computer science graduates over the years with hands-on experience in the tech industry, the partnership with UCL and Strathclyde universities will enable MSc Business Analytics and MBA post-graduate cohorts to collaborate with the Fennex team to accelerate ongoing R&D projects in data modelling computational analysis, as well as exploring innovative business approaches to scaling up transformational technologies.

As a digital tech company, Fennex prides itself in its ability to accelerate innovation in digital solutions that unlock operational efficiencies for complex global businesses, and this collaboration will provide students with a platforms and data sets that allow the application of the latest analytical methodologies, bringing together the best blend of expertise to support high-impact research-based projects.

Most recently, UCL MSc student Natalia Christofi successfully completed a project-based placement, exploring and designing machine learning models and data analytics to further understand the critical success factors which will enhance offshore safety performance. Her work provided Fennex team with a foundation to develop to identify the most accurate methodologies to unlock deeper insights of their safety data.



Since its inception, Fennex has been working closely with universities and fostering successful academia-industry collaboration, and our new partnership with world-class institutions such as UCL and Strathclyde Universities will accelerate our drive for innovation and unlock faster routes to market, while offering university talent more opportunities to develop real-world experience during their courses.

Nassima Brown, Fennex Director of Strategy added “nurturing and strengthening our relationship with universes lies at the heart of our long-term strategy, to foster durable cooperative models that will help us advance tech innovations for the energy sector and beyond.  We are really excited about these partnerships, and look forward to successful collaborations.”

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