Fennex PAM app update


Our Policy Management Assurance App has been Modified


Fennex Ltd has released an updated version of Policy Assurance Management (PAM). This app is available on the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad devices. PAM app is simple, fast and secure way to assurance, inspections and audits online and offline.

It has been built from the ground up for speed and usability, with a clean, clear and functional look and feel. Featuring an impressive search function, photo options and offline caching, staying in touch with your workload has never been easier.

The app has these features:

• Full integration with deployed Ops Assurance Rig Reactivation Solutions

• Access to all verification and assurance tasks

• Quick views for overview and review of status

• Detailed views for data entry showing all key data fields, and guidance

• Update responses, comments and underlying causes of non-conformances, on the go

• Ability for photo attachments to be added as evidence

• Offline features let you continue working while offline. Data will sync back to the main solution, when next connected online

• Advanced search features with multiple look up options

• Convenient drop-down data entry options to reduce need for free text

• Convenient one-touch navigation


Fennex PAM app is available on this link.


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