Digital Transformation – Operatonal Risk Assessments


Digital Solution to ORA Created by Fennex


Fennex’s bespoke solution was built to meet the exact requirements of the UK coastal state regulations.

The intuitive solution provide offshore teams with a simple tool to complete the Operational Risk Assessments (ORA), which then provides offshore leadership and onshore support with clear and precise data, showing the combined risks across all Rig(s), systems and major hazard areas. Drillable dashboards and reports were built by bringing together ORA data, Safety Critical and Environmental Equipment data and overlaid and calculated using the Major Accident Hazard Matrix.

“Duty holders should put in place measures to record and ensure visibility of current ORA, degraded SCE and temporary mitigation measures. These measures should enable an offshore and onshore management overview of all ORA in place and the combined effect on major accident hazard management on installations at any given time.” – UK Oil and Gas Guidance.

The cloud-based solution by Fennex is built for oil rigs and offices, utilising O365, SharePoint, Azure and PowerBI. 


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