Tailored, cloud-based digital solutions that enable consistency and transparency to enhance technical integrity, safety and regulatory compliance.

Through successful collaboration with the leading international offshore drilling contractor Noble Corporation, we
developed an intuitive digital platform, leveraging advanced cloud-computing applications to digitise and automate
the end-to-end offshore safety observation process, delivering unprecedented benefits in efficiency, efficacy and
BBSS™ transforms the time-lagged, paper-based manual entry workflows of the safety observation process into an
efficient, turnkey, automated suite with real-time analytics, and live transparent dashboards, detailing critical safety
indicators at a global scale, leading to quicker decision-making to mitigate risks and prevent hazards.
BBSS™ uniquely combines physical and digital forms of safety observation inputs into a live-streaming, cloud-data
platform via:
Mobile app using phone/tablet
Web-based access from PC
Paper-based cards – convertible to digital form
By scanning a QR code unique to the location or offshore installation, all employees including customers and third-parties
can log a safety observation through secure access in 10 seconds. At-risk or unsafe conditions can be reported from
anywhere, at any time.

The data, digital reports, trends and analysis from the real-time system means we are able to improve and get ahead of issues before they become lagging indicators. Noble Corporation HSE Director



Boost Engagement


Cost Reduction


Man-hours Saved


Less Paper Cards

Control Stage Gates

Automating workflows creates a unique opportunity to implement process and controls that enables users to approve project documents. Our project management platform ensures everyone is reviewing, revising and approving only the most current draft of a document – making version control issues a thing of the past.

Manage Risks & Issues

Transform audits execution into a seamless process using automated end-to-end workflows on one online platform. Centralised planning with quick customisation for the ever evolving regulatory environment, real-time monitoring of key milestones and increased response ability, allowing greater transparency to capture, flag and share audits finding as they arise

Project enhancement

Enhanced Transparency

Create personalised dashboards and transitions that are perfectly tailored to your specific management style. Our platform can be seamlessly integrated into your current business operations, increasing productivity and reducing risk. Access to realtime dashboards and comprehensive analytics help drive better management decisions.

Founder & Managing Director

Adrian Brown brings with him a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise built over +22 years of global experience within Schlumberger and Transocean in countries across Europe, West Africa and North America, holding various leadership positions including Global Director of Projects (ERP and business intelligence implementation projects), Regional Managing Director (North-West Africa Sector) and Regional Technical Manager (Africa & Mediterranean).

Having led international teams in engineering and operations for deepwater offshore drilling, Adrian brings a strong culture of building capabilities in the most advanced digital technologies, helping Fennex to build strong partnerships with key international players in the offshore industry, and successfully delivering pioneering and disruptive innovations at global market level.

Part of our culture is working closely with customers to understand their unique challenges and supporting them to unlock sustainable efficiencies. We aspire to continue forging collaborations and are committed to staying at the forefront of innovations to support the industry in its pursuit of low-carbon, efficient and safe energy production.” Adrain Brown

Bespoke, Smart & Cost-effective Solutions

Organisations seeking complex digital solutions typically incur extensive costs as they require multiple third-party service providers and a lengthy period of time before any results materialise, if ever. We succeed through our differentiated methods and business models, our industry-domain knowledge and our advanced cloud-computing expertise.


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