An effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution should be systemised, centralised and embedded into the heart of your business operations.

For many oil and gas companies with complex and hybrid business processes, the majority of off-the-shelf CRM solutions are not tailored to their specific business needs, and many functionalities within these systems do not apply to their workflows. Along with this, these solutions are often rigid and inflexible and cannot be tailored to fit specific requirements.

Tailored to Your Business Needs
A bespoke system will be designed with your specific business requirements in mind and can be easily and quickly modified to complement the changing needs of your evolving business. Having a bespoke system means that all of the functionality can be personalised to mirror your current processes and deliver a solution that truly works for your business, becoming integral to the long term success and expansion of any small, medium or large scale organisation.

Highly Efficient
Our CRM solution applies the latest cloud technologies to automate and streamline the management of a company’s marketing and sales activities covering all of the primary areas. Our bespoke CRM system will enable you to efficiently manage all of your company’s customer data and lead opportunities from start to finish within one unified, transparent, live system.

There’s a major myth surrounding tailored CRM as being beyond budget. When, in truth, to design and build a CRM platform that works for your particular requirements is an incredibly savvy business decision — one which provides payback in terms of improved sales and marketing activities. Our CRM solutions are not built from scratch. With our agile software development capabilities, we can design and deploy a cloud-based, scalable CRM solution within a few weeks, focusing on the features and functionalities that will help you grow your business. With a customised customer relationship
management system, it’s about having exactly what you need, cutting out all the clutter and distracting noise.

We help you achieve your customer engagement objectives with a fully customised
and scalable cloud-based CRM system that doesn’t require licenses for each new user.


Connected project team enhances collaboration.
Online data and insights available for improved collaboration within the team.
Tailored access, allowing only the right audience to complete their assigned tasks.
Seamlessly share a review, and contribute to models without specialized software.
Utilize a single platform to raise, communicate, and manage the coordination process with a dashboard to control and monitor progress.
Avoid the limitations of manual exchanges with a standardized digital process that provides project-wide access and visibility.
Easily track process communications, keep up to date on progress, avoid bottlenecks, and reduce RFI turnaround times


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